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Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage is often requested at Music City Massage for those who might suffer from chronic pain issues or want something a little deeper than a Swedish Massage. Both types of massages are similar but different. During a Deep Tissue Massage the therapist will apply heavier pressure and deeper strokes to get to the deep layers of muscle to focus on that’s under your skin. Along with helping those with chronic pain issues, a Deep Tissue Massage may helps those with muscle injuries, and certain type of sprains such as back sprains.

Deeper Firm Pressure

The therapist uses deeper firm strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscles and can apply a technique called “Cross Fiber Friction.” “Cross Fiber Friction”is used to go in the opposite direction of the muscle is really effective in deep muscle therapy to also reach muscle tendons. Besides your therapist using his hands can also use his forearm and even elbow for a more consistent deeper glide and stroke. Your therapist will check in with you frequently to make sure the pressure is not too heavy but just right.

Chronic Pain Relief

After receiving a Deep Tissue Massage you may feel a little sore, or the next day feel really sore but that is a normal reaction and a sign that your muscles have been effectively worked. Always be sure to go over with your therapist on any medical conditions on your client intake form prior to your session. Deep Tissue Massage is not for everyone. If you’re pregnant, have any joint pain, skin conditions, heart problems or any other medical issues that could prohibit you from getting a Deep Tissue Massage, please let your therapist know. Otherwise a Deep Tissue Massage is a good choice for normal pain relief. Contact us today at Music City Massage for information or to schedule your Deep Tissue Massage. We look forward to meeting you.